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Here's a screen shot of the StarTrek - Excursions game I've been working on.
I'll put up more pictures later of different software I'm working on...


It's a space combat simulator, with an 'open' style of play, where the player can choose to follow the missions or not, and the game will progress accordingly.
The game uses irrlicht for everything but multiplayer support and sound. For sound, I use a modified FMOD library (without CFMOD), and Raknet for UDP online gaming.
It's not finished yet, but I am currently working on the main parts, so
as soon as I get it playable I'll release a beta copy. I know tried to remain true to the series, mostly the STNG series. It is a game that can be played free form, meaning that you don't have to follow orders, and all your actions will effect the universe around you, altering alliances, politics, technology, etc.
You can choose from different modes of play, such as Enterprise mode, where you you (as Jean-Luc Picard) command the U.S.S. Enterprise, or a free-style play where you can choose from any race and even different scenarios.


The above picture is a early screenshot of the Enterprise mode, with the view outside the ship,
you can also switch to the bridge view, with the viewscreen to show the current target.
As you can see this mode is not as polished as the cockpit view of the 'Open Play' mode.


This is a tribute to a great game, expanding on the characters and the areas from Parasite Eve 2 (and some from PE 1), along with new characters and areas that were made from scratch. One thing that always irritated me about some games is when the game plays along in a fixed manner, where you HAVE to do everything in a certain order (some games like Final Fantasy even offer you choices even though it does the same thing no matter what you  choose), so this sequel to Parasite Eve 2 was made so that you are assigned missions by M.I.S.T. HQ, and you can carry out your orders how ever and whenever you want, or not at all, and the game will progress accordingly. It is a more realistic interpretation of the Mist Agency, and it's NMC Bounty Hunters. Currently, I'm still working on the framework of the game but here's an early screenshot of what I've done so far.


Here's a list of other projects I've started (but not finished):
~ RoadSmash - A game inspired by the Twisted Metal series from
   989 Studios.
~ Tides of War - A game which sort of a cross of Final Fantasy 7 and
   World of Warcraft.
~ I'm also working on a superhero RPG, and a SCI-Fi Shoot-Em-UP.

Planned Projects:
-3D Backgammon game.
-3D Card Game (Euchre)
-Online Meeting Place (Entertainment, Chat, Gaming, etc.)

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