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Welcome to my website.
I updated these pages a little, and I'll add more later.
If Karen is reading this, Hi! Also I am sorry for all the pop-up windows that appear, but that's the price we pay for free webspace :)
You can visit different areas of my webpage by using the links at the top of this internet window. For contact info you can go  to the 'About Me' page.
If you would like to find some good music on the internet, or some interesting websites I've found, click on the link at the top called 'My Links' which will take you to my web page showing some of my favorite websites to visit.
If you would like to contact me by email, click the 'Contact Me' link. 

This page will be updated and added to periodically, so check in every so often for changes. Thanks for coming to visit, I'll try to add more fun stuff to this site, to make up for those annoying, slow, uninteresting, irritating pop-ups that open up when you visit this page.
If you are one of my family, Monika, or just want to to see my personal side then visit the 'About Me' page...


What's New?

-Different photos on Projects, About Me, and Gallery pages.
-More info on Willy-Fix-It (Gallery page)
-Updates on new software I'm working on (Projects page)

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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